Implex HCM

Implex Human Capital Management Solution is a comprehensive system that emulates and automates important HR functions such as hiring, tracking and managing of employees. It powers and complements the human resources sector in the organization. Our HCM solution ensures the smooth management of the organizations data and personnel. Implex HCM guarantees that everyday HR activities are easy, smooth, accurate and manageable.

Implex HCM is designed based on international standards and best practices, yet fulfilling the Middle East region requirements in its foundation. It is compliant with the laws and regulations in the Middle East and North Africa region in terms of labor laws, immigration offices, common business rules and principles. Implex HCM provides the tools you need to effectively empower and manage your most valuable asset, “People”.

Our Branches

Egypt Office
8 Geziret Al Arab St., 21st Floor, Mohandessin, P.O. Box 12411, Giza, Egypt
UAE Office
Office 401, Moussa Ahmed Abdullah Ali Al Gezairy, Dira, P.O. Box 90830, Dubai, UAE