Privacy Policy

This service contains proprietary and confidential information. All data submitted to or received from Recipients is provided in reliance upon its consent not to use or disclose any information contained herein except for the context of its business dealings with Implex Middle East. Both parties agree to inform present and future employees who view or have access to its content about its confidential nature.

The recipient agrees to instruct each employee that he must not disclose any information concerning this service to others except to the extent that such matters are generally known to, and are available for use by, the public. The recipient also agrees not to duplicate or distribute or permit others to duplicate or distribute any material contained herein without Implex Middle East’s express written consent.

Implex Middle East retains all titles, ownership and intellectual property rights to the materials and trademarks contained herein, including all supporting documentation, files, marketing materials, and multimedia.

Implex Middle East has all the intellectual property rights for all components that will be delivered to recipient, include but not limited to presentations, proposals, solutions, diagrams, scope of work, project plan and implementation methodology, etc.

Recipient will not in any way identify itself as the owner, offer, register or attempt to register manufacturer’s copyright, patent, trademark, service mark, logo or confidential information in recipient’s name or any other name, or request or assist anyone in doing so unless specifically authorized.

Recipient shall not, either directly or through a third party, use the offerings, or a derivative thereof, or any confidential or proprietary information of Implex Middle East, to create similar offerings or user documentation which is functionally, visually or otherwise identical or substantially similar to any offerings.