Consulting Service

Help clients identify their resources and best using them through strategic and tactical analysis

Consulting Service is the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement. Organizations may draw upon the services of management consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external advice and access to the consultants’ specialized expertise.
As a result of their exposure to, and relationships with numerous organizations, consulting Service team are typically aware of best practices.

Consulting  flow

  • Business analysis.
  • Write your process.
  • Collect all the recommendations.
  • Discuss the recommendations.
  • Apply the agreed recommendations.

Learning Service

Through on-site training and virtual training or our classroom we provide a high level of training to our customers to ensure all users are familiar with our solutions .with a professional instructor to achieve the required value in the project implementation time or after that for any additional updates or any needs.

Learning flow

  • Plan for the learning time.
  • Confirmed the learning time.
  • Send the materials to the attendees.
  • Attend the learning sessions.
  • Get the certificate

Implementation & Upgrade

If you want to deliver any of our solutions to your organization, then with our experienced Consulting Services team. our consultants take a phased approach that ensures your implementation and upgrades are completed on time, within budget and with minimum risk. You’ll have a single point of contact.
When you decide to implement any of our solutions or upgrade your existing solution to a later version, you require a great deal of planning, product experience, and understanding of how the software can be used to achieve your business objectives.

Implementation flow

  • Business analysis.
  • Prototype.
  • Training.
  • Testing.
  • Go live.

Upgrade flow

  • Check the benefits of the upgrade.
  • Apply the upgrade.
  • Testing.
  • Go live.

Packaging Service

Packaging Services are a pre-defined service that help you to get services in a quick and efficient manner. The benefit to you is that these services are delivered on a fixed-price basis so you are not exposed to any of the risk of the project over-running.

Packaged flow

  • Group related service together.
  • Check the stand-alone service price.
  • Check the package service.

Management Service

Reduce your IT operating costs by up to 50%.

With Managed Services, our customers get greater flexibility, assured continuity, and a lower total cost of ownership for their applications. Our resources are available for our customers can do business wherever or whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Our Services team is set up to provide whatever level of support you require. Through our managed services offerings, we can run your systems end-to-end or just provide support for certain aspects of your deployment. We cover all operational services, including service desk, system administration, capacity planning, facility management, service pack/hot fix, maintenance, backup, recovery, and archiving, as well as a full range of services for optimum application performance. We also offer technical services such as customization care and functional application management support. Managed Services with Managed Services, our customers get greater flexibility, assured continuity, and a lower total cost of ownership for their applications.

Managemen flow

  • Survey abut all services you manage.
  • Choose the level of support.


  • Give a sample of support.
  • Manage your services.

Support Service

Support for Solutions is critical, and needs vary from organization to organization. Our support team provides a comprehensive support for companies of all shapes and sizes—from day-to-day services such as decision support and system monitoring.

Support flow

  • Add a ticket in support site.
  • Set the priority of the request.
  • Set the module of the request.
  • The first response will be done in a short time according to the priority.
  • The request solved according to the priority.

Deployment Service

Our solutions are ready to be deployed by make the systems up and running quickly and achieving a standard, upgradeable, and easily supported deployment are the keys to delivering a fast and reliable return on technology investments.
Our Services team help you with deployment experts who have decades of experience attaining these objectives. From provisioning and system implementation to performance management and tuning, we help you achieve standardized implementations that incorporate best practices, result in a lower cost of ownership, and set you up to be successful.

Deployment flow 

  • Hardware request with required specifications.
  • Check the hardware.
  • Start deployment.


  • Test .
  • Run.